When I open up hotmail.com ... it says something like this <<<<<<
Microsoft® .NET Passport no longer supports the Web browser version you are using. Please upgrade to a current Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later, or Netscape Navigator version 4.08 or later. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

and it is the same message that appears when I open panda online scanner telling that my browser should be higher than 5.5 version.

I have uninstalled iexplore and then installed it again but to no avail .... and I also have used IEFix ... no results still.

I am using win xp sp1 ... and the browser version from the help --> about menu is 6.0.2800 with sp1.

I've found out the reason ........... for those who use sygate .... I had stealth mode browsing turned on so the browser could'nt be recognized by any site ... now I have turned it off and its working fine.

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