hi everyone, i just want to know if there is any way to create a windows xp cd from my computer with out the boot so i can run it in a computer with an old windows, thanks

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i m trying to make a windows xp cd, i want to know if there is anyway to copy the windows xp in my computer into a cd or IOS so i can use it to install windows xp in an other computer


not unless you have a program to creat restore cd from the operating system, this is usually preinstalled by the pc manufacturer, DELL, sony, and so on, but in reality you really can't


The closest thing I can think of is a Bart PE (preinstalled environment) or UBCD disk, but these don't install an operating system, they are operating systems... If that makes sense.

UBCD4win www.ubcd4win.com

BartPE http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/

What it sounds like you're asking is if you can use your operating system to create an install disk so you can create effectively an operating system disk (like what you would buy in a store) and install windows xp onto another computer.

I suppose its theoretically possible, but not easy- and not legal. Besides, Windows GenuineAdvantage would probably catch you and lock the other computer down after thirty days. You have to buy an individual operating system for each system you build/install one on. A little silly-and too expensive-if you ask me.

Or are you asking how to clone your current computer? That's actually not that hard. There are some freeware utilities to "image" your hard drive, but the most respected one tends to be Norton Ghost. It takes a "picture" of your hard drive onto another one, and I suppose you can use that picture to install your whole drive on another computer- but then you'd run into hardware issues as your OS detects hardware it wasn't expecting.

I suppose you could give it a shot. A free utility is XXClone www.xxclone.com , though you can type in "Drive imager' or something along those lines in a search engine and come up with more.

Hope this helps,

--The Comdore


well i dont want to clone my HDD, the thing is that some how my OS was deleted from my computer and i dont have a recovery disk or a windows cd but i do have the windows key in the back of my computer and i m trying to find a way to copy the existing OS in my laptop with or with out the boot because i have a windows 2000 cd that i can install and then upgrade to XP

i think that BartPE is what i m looking for, thanks a lot Comodore !!


I think he wants to make the image of his windows xp so that he can just copy and paste it in another computer to make it work.


"i m trying to make a windows xp cd, i want to know if there is anyway to copy the windows xp in my computer into a cd or IOS so i can use it to install windows xp in an other computer"
Definitely not is the answer. You will not get the right drivers, chipset settings, the registry will be wrong, and very likely so will be hal.dll [the XP cd has a selection of several varieties, one is chosen during setup that matches the motherboard properties..]
And so on....
Just borrow an XP SP2 cd, copy it and use your key. Simple.

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