This problem has been ongoing for around two months, it fixed itself for about three days in early November, but then went back to crap.

The problem is when I'm using websites that have several images (Myspace, Facebook, etc) about 90% of the images won't load, they'll just have the icon indicating that the image is broken. I've viewed this problem in Firefox and IE, so I've determined it must be Vista. I've tried reinstalling both browsers, and deleting cache and cookies, still no luck.

I sent an e-mail to the techs at myspace, they read it but never responded, so I assume they don't know the answer.

Advice is appreciated.

Its a bug in windows.

I use IE7 on XP and i have many tabs open, the images dont load, everything goes white, and smudges if i scroll

ah thats pretty lame, is there anyway to fix it?

donnt think so. At first i thaught i was running out of ram but now i have 2.5gb and it doesnt help?

gotta be more to it than that ,i don't use either web site you mention but can go to them and all images load fine for me .on my space i click on a video and it loads and so do a lot of other images all down the page as i scroll down ,no problems .i only have 1 gb ram .anyway i don't have an answer but i thing its some other software[don't know what software, firewall maybe ] causing you problems ,of improper configuration/option settings of the software you are using now ,im using firefox ,i have ie 6 install but never use it !!also im only using winxp

elaborate on what images you are talking about, is it the picture that user upload to the sites, is it the graphics for the web page itself, or the ads image on the page. do they load half way, non at all

User uploaded pictures.

I got all the windows updates I had pending (19), and updated my flash and java, still no luck.

Went and logged in on my parents computer earlier, which uses IE and Windows XP, and everything went smoothly.

edit: I'm using dial up, by the way. I don't see how that could effect anything, but just thought I would add that to the list of knowns.

your dial up might be tired. and why in the name of the PC GOD are you using dial up to access myspace. those web pages are the most bloated web pages i have ever seen. ( don't visit the place) but i have seen some pages. is your parent pc using dial up too?

try cleaning out your cookies, cache and temp internet files. then try the page again.

Dial up is just what my parents pay for, I'm only 17 and barely make enough money to pay for my car, insurance, and stuff for the band I'm in. But, it's never really been a problem, using Vista and Firefox makes it run about as fast as most DSL connections I encounter, but I also keep a relatively clean hard drive.

Cleaned our temporary files and what-not, still no success.

Think using a new phone line would do anything?

your dial up might be timing out due to the size of the images. you did not state if your parents used dial up.

My parents use dial up, as well, yes.

u might need to update the shockwave and flash player, also update the java engive on your pc, base on what you said before it seem to be pointing to the operting system check your security setting in IE7, then try those updates. and let us know.

My comment is not gonna do much good to the OP or anyone else here but i dont think its the problem with the Dial Up connection. As although the web pages he is accessing might be graphics heavy but they should load up after a bit of time and wait. His problem has something else to do with. What?? I dunno either. My colleague at work had problems witha lot of websites where she was not able to view images on fashion websites. Our helpdesk technician tried a lot of different things but it didnt work(Finally when nothing worked they told her that she shouldnt be using those websites when in the office...hahahah). It randomly solves itself and then somedays it wont load again.

Our company has dedicated dsl connections so i dont think she should have troubles loading images as it shows that the PC is connected to 100mb internet connection.

So dont think its the network connection issue here.


And that was not even Vista that we use in our company. We use Windows 2000 which is fully updated with all the SPs.

So its not just the Vista issue.

i think the windows drawing libary just sucks

Here's another thing I've realized about it.

Pictures that were uploaded to the site many months ago are more likely to show up than those recently uploaded. Example:

I have had most of my pictures up for many months, so those are still loaded. But one that I loaded last week has the broken image location, although it was loaded for a few days.

My friend puts up a new picture, and I can see it for a few days, but it is soon replaced with a broken image tag.

Don't know if any of that helps, just trying to add more to the list of knowns. I updated all my java flash shockwave and whatnot, still cleared out cache and cookies, and also re-installed Firefox.

i think the windows drawing libary just sucks

Now thats a surprise isnt it?

Well my colleagues issue was solved itself over time as the tech support was useless. So all i can tell you is let the nature deal with your problem.;)

I ll try to get the solution for you if at all the tech support did do anything to help out but i m pretty sure it wasnt them as all they did were repeat the same ole thing again and again...delete the cookies, temp internet files, clear history blah blah yada yada but everything they said was already done by us before we asked them until they told us off that she shouldnt be on the site.

If i find out anything i ll let you know.


mine has experienced it for over 14 months

and has it healed itself or did u try sommin that worked or is it still ongoing???

Thanks for your help, I've kind of given up on it. I don't use the site all that much anyways (even less now). Maybe I'll log in one day like a few months from now and all will be fixed, but I'm not too worried about it anymore. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing left I can do.

it happens to me on many sites :(

Sorry to hear that guys but i m still trying to get some clues about it. The Tech guys have been useless as always in this case so far but i m still poking em all the time if someone could gimme some clue about it.

Meabwhile good luck with all the websites.


Fixed itself today, mostly.

Went from about 10% loading to about 85% loading. There are still several that won't, but situation is mostly good.