Hi, I did a Windows Repair using the original Dell XP CD that came with the computer. Well during this process an error message popped up stating: Software Installation has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility. This software will not be installed. Contact your system administrator. So I clicked to continue. I got back onto Windows desktop and a few errors popped up. One of which is McAfee. I can't get McAfee to work at all. The icons are there and when I clicked them nothing comes up. I tried to uninstall McAfee and it won't even do it. It just hangs there during the uninstall. So I put the Dell cd in to install it that way. That didn't work. I went and downloaded AVG free so I would be secure. I would love to know how to uninstall and reinstall McAfee. This is not my computer it is my Uncle's. If it was my choice I would stick with AVG free. Also when you do a Windows Repair you lose the Service Pack 2. So I tried to install that and it failed halfway thru. I used the SP2 cd I had and also tried it off Windows Update. No luck. I tried doing it in safe mode still no luck. Any solutions to fix these problems? I wanna exhaust all possibilities before I go with the format the drive and do a fresh XP install. Thanks.

Read this and see if it helps.

As for the SP2, as I recall you can't uninstall it or reinstall over it.

What was the original problem?

The original problem was that I couldn't login to windows desktop. The user accounts were not showing up. I tried all the thing's I know to do and still nothing. I did ctrl+alt+delete 50 million times at the Windows welcome screen and nothing would pop up. I tried safe mode. Nothing. I tried Last known good configuration. Still nothing. So I said heck with it I will just do a Window's Repair. I did this and during the process that Windows Logo error message popped up. I noticed after it install that some programs were not functioning so I installed them from the Dell cd's. McAfee still won't work. The icon's are there but when you click on them I can't get McAfee to come up. I then installed AVG free to be safe. For some reason when I try to install SP2 about halfway thru it fails. This happens off the CD and off of Windows Update. Something is preventing this. What I have no idea. I wanna exhaust all possibilities to fix this before I say heck with that 2 and just format the harddrive and do a fresh XP install.