Thanks for your warm welcome to Daniweb. I have a problem, I downloaded msn photo upload tool quite a while ago now, when I checked in the downloaded programme files ( in internet options) where it says view objects, I went to the properties and it said that the photo upload tool was damaged this is the address that I got it from can you help me I have tried deleting it but when I do I get a blue screen, I contacted msn and they made out like they did not know what I was talking about. Regards Sally. :)

The general approach I would take is to boot in SAFE MODE, locate the downloaded files and delete them. Then I would apply a Registry Cleaner (like Advanced Windows Care) to clear out the orphaned entries.

I wouldn't then expect any problem.

If, however, the CAB files have been installed, then you'd need to find the installed files and delete them. You could try UNINSTALL in Safe Mode, you often don't get a blue screen in Safe Mode.