Everything was fine until yesterday. I am running 98SE with all the upgrades and stuff. I keep getting an error message that there is something (never the same thing) wrong with a script every single time I go to a page. This page did it twice. I also have a website, polski8.suddenlaunch.com and the site itself is telling me that my browser is not compatible with their features. I have re-installed java and IE. I have tried to ask Microsoft, but you know how that is. Every one of their pages gives me 4 or 6 script errors in a row. I have run all sorts of tests. I have un-installed and re-installed a second time. I checked all I know to check. Someone told me to upgrade my directx and someone else told me upgrade my javascripting engine. How do I upgrade an engine? I though javascript was a language, and the error I got on my own page said that activex couldn't interpret a command line in javascript, did I want to continue running scripts on that page, and when I clicked no a couple of times, my own site said I was on an incompatible browser. The provider keeps saying it's my fault. What do I do?

Welcome to the site :)

You can try to disable being notified of script errors....


Make sure "Disable script debugging" is checked and make sure "Display notification of every script error" is UNCHECKED!!

If that doesnt work you can try this:

Goto Internet Options/Programs/RESET WEB SETTINGS (This will reset IE to default)

If nothing works you can always restore your registry to before this started happening:

1) Turn on your computer and press F8 until a menu appears

2) Select option 5 (Command Prompt)

3) Type this: scanreg/restore

4) Pick an entry from BEFORE THIS STARTED!!

I hope one of these works for you...........

You have IE6 right?

Good luck!

Hey this is a nice tweak .. thanks !!!!!