I just reinstalled Windows XP Pro on my Dell Dimension 2400 and now when I start it up it has me choose from two different versions of XP the top one works the bottom doesn't. The screen font and everything is huge and when I tried to hook up my internet connection it says there's no network driver. I have no idea what to do if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

The top one is your old version (now gone). You can remove its old referance from boot.ini (its either in c:\ or c:\windows - somewhere like that)

The reason the net doesnt work and it looks crappy is because duh- theres no drivers. Go to the dell support site and get the drivers for your model and setup (install the chipset/motherboard ones first) then go to your videocard manufacturers site and get the drivers from there. Once you have done that, sign up to microsoft update to get all the security patches etc... (there will be hundreds)

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