Hello all, I am pretty sure the question belongs in this thread. I am installing a new hard drive for a friend, which I know how to do just fine. This is the first time I am not adding a slave though, he needed more memory, we backed his old one up and all that, I will convert that one to a slave but when making his new hard drive the primary, I need to install XP. Of course he does not have is XP disc so here is my question, I have a disc with an image of XP and I also have my XP disc. If I were to use either disc, I would just need his key, which we have, to install windows and have it legal right? Side question, is this the same for all Windows OS's? Thanks in advance!

yeah i think it should be legal if you use his key as as far as I know, all xp disks are the same (not the oem ones though)

You must use a retail NOT OEM disk.

so long as you have the right version of xp, i.e. home, pro or media centre and he previous didn't upgrade from another os, such as win 2k or win me

That is what I thought, thanks.