Hello, Can anyone introduce on what are the anti-virus compatible to Microsoft Windows Server 2003? I have been using Microsoft Windows XP but now I change to use Microsoft Window Server 2003 due to certain requirement. However, I found that Windows Server 2003 cannot support many software like XP can.

Does anyone know what type of antivirus suitable for Windows Server 2003 that doesn't consume memory in which will slow down the system such as Norton or Kapersky? If possible, I prefer free version antivirus.

Thank you :-)

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Hi rinoa04
We use NOD32 Ver 3.2 By East Company And it is very Useful And easy to use And it is very easy for Automatic Updating

Thank you fayyaz. I will try the antivirus that you have recommended. Any other recommendation?

any enterprise class antivirus will work

I'm a huge fan of McAfee VirusScan Ent 8.0 and 8.5 for Server 2003. It's a light program and easy to configure.

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