I installed XP PRO everything went smoothly. I downloaded tweakIU Powertoys and selected the auto login. I did everthing right, logged in fine, then it just started loging in as admin. All my settings were gone. My login isn't there, it's just admin, no other choices except guest and ASP.NET under the user accounts. I figured maybe set a password and now I keet getting an error so I have to login as admin, with none of my settings. How can I get my original login back from my other account? Or do I have to format and reinstall windows. I even have the folder with the original login name on it on my drive and all the settings are there. I tried loginrecovery.com, burned the ISO and booted it and did everything it said, but it failed saying that the password was deleted, Can someone please HELP ME!!! I'm going nuts trying to figure this out.

Thank you,
carl Highfill

System Restore to go back before you install that Powertoys software.

Thank you but I figured it out. For some reason I had the box for Show "xzxz" on the welcome screen unchecked. I paniced and went straight here because everyone is so helpful. Thank you

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