So, my computer is no working properly, I was on it when the internet cut out, I checked my modem, called my internet provider and even took apart my computer. I took it in and got them to checked it out, and it turns out i had 46 viruses...i have no idea how, I had no virus blocker so i guess that helped :P They say its the viruses that made my internet cut out. So on this tutorial:

On part 12 it says Reconnect to netwok, if reformatting my computer does not work am screwed? And if I cant connect to the inernet, how can I finish instaling it?

If you have the installation disc for you operating system with the product code you might want to consider wiping the hdd with something like WipeDrive rather than reformatting it. A product like WipeDrive will completely overwrite everything on the hdd including those viruses where as reformatting will only delete the addresses of you files.

Now days you need several types of protection to keep this type of problem from happening. All of the software listed below can be run with each other without conflict, you will have problems if you try to run two different anti virus softwares at the same time...they don't play well together. All of these programs are free.

AVG anti virus

Spybot Search and Destroy



You will also need a firewall like Zone Alarm

If you have a CD or DVD drive on your computer you might try downloading these programs on another computer and then transfer them to your computer. Start your computer in safe mode and run your scans there, you may be able to get rid of your infections by doing this.

So, to run Adaware in safe mode, I would have to burn it to a disc, then while my computer is in safe mode I just pop in the disc? I used to run Adaware and Spybot, but they did not catch anything very serious.

If that does not work, I will try WipeDrive. Thats alot for your help.

No, what I was suggesting was to use another computer that you can depend on to make the downloads for these utilities and then transfer these to a CD or DVD so that you can install these on your computer with the infections.

I would suggest trying AVG and Asquared before you wipe the drive.