Hello all,

I have a generic mp3 player that I have had now for years. I formerly ran Windows 2000 on my pc and never had any issues with the mp3 player. Windows 2000 automatically recognized the connection through USB and would show the mp3 player as an additional drive in my computer. (Generally the first available letter.) It was a simple drag and drop method to load music onto the mp3 player. As soon as the cable was inserted to the USB port it would pop up and alert me that it was connected.

Flash forward to present day. My old computer went down and I picked up a computer from a friend of mine. It is an eMachines computer and while it isn't my first choice, it was free, so I can't really complain. I completely restored the system with the installation disks to have it fresh. It comes with Windows XP Home Edition. I plugged in my mp3 player just like always and Windows XP is not recognizing the drive.

The mp3 player shows a connection and charges, but Windows XP is not registering the hardware. I have scanned for the hardware, no luck.

The USB drivers are fine. Windows XP recognizes my digital camera on the same USB port, so the USB port is fine. The cable and hardware are fine. (They showed up on my friends Win98SE computer fine as well.) There are no indicators in device manager that there are any issues with any hardware on the system.

I know there has o be something that is causing it not to register, but I have no idea.

Any help is appreciated!


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make sure the pc has all its updates. Especiallly service pack 2 , as that contains major changes to USB


make sure the pc has all its updates. Especiallly service pack 2 , as that contains major changes to USB

Sorry, should have mentioned that before...I am running SP2

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