I have an old coputer which the c drive has failed

it was partitioned to be c & d

I have ghost 2003 backups on d (which can be moved elswhere)

I now have the drive in a case which has usb connection

can I use ghost to restore from d to c using another computer

However c & d will not be c & d on the other computer which I also have ghost 2003

In other words I want to use a going computer with ghost 2003 to read from the second partition f the external usb drive and restore to the primary partition of the usb drive, then take out the drive from the usb case and put it back in the old computer, voila!

any help much appreciated


It's been a while since I have worked with Ghost, when I did it was an older corporate version, but if I am reading this accurately I think you have the idea. As long as you can access those ghost images in the old "d" you should be able to restore them to any available drive. Not sure if you have to do that from the bootdisc or if 2003 will just let you rapid fire images to connected volumes.

Good luck!

thanks for reply, I will try it, however a problem might occur when restore is complete to old c partition, then pc tries to reboot on it's own c drive, there does not seem to be an option to ignore re-boot on the host computer, maybe it expects to boot from the old c drive which can't work because both co mputers have different drivers/settings

works like a charm

for others reading this we have 2 pc,s pca & pcb

pcb dive c failed but ghost was on d

pca drive put in usb case and connected to pcb

must not be used through hub, must be direct connection to pc usb

run ghost on pcb with source ghost file from usb connected pca drive (was d, but will be something else)
select dest drive on pca drive and run, works like a charm.