Hey guys and gals ... looks like i'm 'it' again. I was just getting ready to teach kids a nature program when my boss tags me and says your "it". They bought a new computer for one of the other teachers a month ago and were having problems. It connects to the internet, prints to the network printers but does not access the shared drives and the server.

The computer has vista on it and the server at work is either windows 2000 or 2003. They got another teacher to due the hike ... so im here looking at manuals, googling and learning vista.... what is this creature ... before i got sick it was just coming out and we were using win 2000, XP, Ubuntu, and OS X at work.

She also dumped a problem with network copy machine/scanner..but that's another story.

Any hints guys and gals?

Thanx Ahead of Time

PS - Glad to be back

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sounds like there really is not much point going for the home versions of vista. do they actually do anything??apart from provide that great media center lol.


hey guys .. thanks . the teacher loaded xp on the computer ... low tech / quick solve


Thats a way to solve a Vista problem... Downgrade to XP... lol, but to react on the other topic in here... Home Premium has lots of optimizing possibilities and for lets say Gamers is Home Premium excellent...


Well Jbennet, I hear that alot yes, most gamers say that XP pro is better for Gaming, but I run Vista Home Premium, cause I wanted to check it out when it came out cause of my job. But Im also a FPS loony, so I tried that to, after I disabled UAC I had no problem anymore! (and for older games, you can click the start in XP sp2 session)


a clean install of vista hp when idle on my pc uses 690mb/2048mb

YES, i DO realize that not all this is actually being used, some is cached

a clean install of XP (when idle) uses 268/2048mb and with the standard windows 2000-style themes and windows it uses 140mb/2048mb

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