Does anyone know if its possible to force windows to log all the way on to a password-protected account without stopping at the Log In screen, but still prompt the user for a password before allowing access to the account?

What I want to achieve is an automatic log-on, thus cutting down startup time, with password protection.

Sounds a bit far out to me, so I'm not expecting anything.

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this really sound far fetch, why would you want to pass the log on screen only to have the user sign on to the account anyway, what screen would theu use for sign on


Its just that I like to go away while my laptop loads up so its ready to use when I get back. The password screen stops it from loading all the way. On the other hand, I want to keep the password protection to stop my siblings from working their greasy fingers into my business.

Never mind, just a little whim.


Good idea, but I think it might get tiresome having to nudge the mouse every minute whilst reading a page or something.

Nah, ill just suffer in my tragic malcontentment. Write a spiteful letter to Bill Gates and not send it. Ill put it with all the others.



Ah, sly. Oh but even then, it won't hinder them if they've just turned on the computer.


well use a program to lock the hDD and all programs installed. i use to use a program to lock the internet or any browser thats installed, even used it in my previous job. file lock is what it's called

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