My computer has had a freezing problem for ages - no blue screen, it just hangs. Sometimes it occurs as soon as windows loads and other times after a few hours. I have concluded it is not the RAM (despite memtest freezing), by taking RAM out of another computer and installing it in this one and it still freezes.

I have checked the system temperatures on BIOS which are fine- CPU 38C and System 28C.

I have also done a low level format - which didnt work, and ran seatools(?) to check if there is something wrong with the harddrive , but no errors were reported.

Finally I have taken my graphics card out, which also didnt solve problem.

The spec is:
matsonic ms8308e harddrive, BIOS V.100
windows xp sp2
AMD athlon processor, MMX, 3D Now 1.2ghz
728mb RAM
directx 9.0c

I dont have a clue what the problem could be...any help would be much appreciated.


Hello mate, first things first you're in the wrong forum, if you've got an XP machine then you should post in the XP forum. This way you stand a better chance of getting the help you want, as the people who can help will only be checking those forums.

As to your freezing problem, have you run an anti-virus scan to determine that it's not a bug? Apart from that I can't think of anything else sorry, maybe a bad build? If you can get your hands on one of those Machine Motherboard Diagnosis test things, that could be helpful too, they're quite cheap from eBay.