Hello all.

I have a simple, little, homemade, html script homepage that lives on the hardrive.
The path\filename is entered into Internet Options so it comes up upon launching IE 6.
However, something or someone is resetting the homepage to be (usually) msn.com or sometimes a different site at least a couple of times a week.
1) who is responsible for such meanness?
2) how do i block such intrusions and permanently set the homepage i want?

Thanks in advance!

it could be spyware, which may also be accessible via add/remove programs; otherwise it might be a registry entry. be very, Very, VERY careful mucking around with the registry.

Some programs just like to reset your homepage upon installation, etc. Do any browser/windows updates lately? Is this happening randomly or after you do certain things on your computer? Also, some websites can use JavaScript to set themselves up as your homepage (but they would have to call out to the browser asking if you wanted to do this)

yes it is annoying and spyware should be outlawed. but it will not be, at least in the US, for some time.

use the adware from lavasoft to get rid of all spyware. also some pages, mainly porn and warez sites will mess with setting and introduce spyware/viruses(the line between the 2 is growing very thin indeed) so avoid such sites.

some installations will, example AIM\ or ICQ.

use a browser that is more secure, i use both IE and konqueror because i am lazy and dont feel like changeing, besides i keep the systems clean.
junk mail can do it too, disable HTML in email. do this anyway it makes it much safer. virus atemps(by email)have been almost none exsistant sence i disable HTML in emails

I too made the mistake of visiting MSN.com, which imposed itself on my XP system as the default home page, and now I cannot get rid of it. Wouldn't mind so much except that there is NOTHING of any use on MSN.com. I DON'T CARE about their celebrity updates.

I have tried deleting MSN from the list of sites to load on IE startup, and reset the home page to other sites, but MSN re-inserts itself every time. I use Ad-Aware twice a week, but don't know how to get rid of the MSN.

Any suggestions? If possible, specific step by step instructions are appreciated. Thank you very much.

Bruc in San Antonio

Some sites are greedy, and change your homepage. Do not visit them.

Any suggestions? If possible, specific step by step instructions are appreciated. Thank you very much.

Welcome to Daniweb :)

Have you tried a system restore to a few days ago?? (When it was OK)

Good luck!

I have used two great tools that prevent home page hijacking
spywareblaster and specifically the "teatimer" part of spybot search
and destroy.

If it has already happened ,and you want to set it back, I've had good luck with highjack this. I feel the single most critical thing is
to avoid running IE , especially with so many other good and faster
browsers that are relatively immune to infection.

Welcome to the site,thank you for your input on this matter :)

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