ok my dad wont shut up abouut the computer, because it freezes all the time and some webpages wont load or if the site we go to has a link then i click it and nothing comes up

p.s i have aol

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get and update/run all the progies in my sig.

after that. get a copy of HJT, make sure to save it to its own location on the harddrive, and not onto itself, make sure that it is in a folder, and not openly in Drive C: and make sure its not just on your desktop.

after that, run HijackThis, and save the log, post it in the security forum, and im sure one the more educated people will run through your log and tell you whats what.


i cant im 12 and my parents wont listen to a thing i say my dad thinks he knows everything and says stupid stuff and my mom doesent even care


Sounds like your computer could use some help, maybe you can convince your dad to at least have a look at this site. Who knows, maybe he'll join!


Do as Killer_Typo suggested if possible, that way you can at least determine if spyware/viruses/etc. are part of the problem.

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