Hello.. I just purchased a HP - Pavilion TK-57 Laptop (Model dv6704nr). Of course it is running the Windows Vista Operating System. Can someone help me to delete all of the unnecessory progams from the laptop? The system also seems to start up a bit slow so Im sure there are many items that can be deleted from the start up as well. I am new at this so if someone could help me, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks.. Would there be seperate steps to remove items from the startup so that the laptop can start up faster?

well, the laptops boot up speed depends & increases only when you have a good built up configuration inside your barebone. For instance,having a 3ghz processor with 1 gb ram, your boot speed will def. increase.
And as for removing items directly from the startup, just right click on it & delete it or else go to the program files folder where you have installed all programs & delete it. But thats kinda risky & is not sugessted most of the time. :)

yeah 1gb on ram is like 256 on xp

2gb is needed for goood performance (equal to that of 1gb on xp)

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