Comp Spec:

AMD 64x2 4200+
2GB of Ram
ATI XTX 1900 Pro
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Have all windows updates even the optional / hardware ones

Ok so here’s the problem:
My computer has been working fine until yesterday when it just locked up and froze I tried to restart it wouldn't get passes the windows loading screen so since I had nothing really important on the comp I decided to wipe it I have recovery disc that I made when I first got the computer and also a recovery portion on the HD I decided to use the disc because I wanted a full wipe with even the recover portion wiped and rewritten after installing again the computer still froze at the loading screen I then decided to only leave in the needed devices in order to use my computer when I did this it passes the loading screen but once I’m in when I try to hook anything in the has a storage capacity it wont read it gives me "USB device not recognized" for several things I have 2x external drives and 3 flash drives and a PSP none which will read I know all these devices work because I have more then one computer that I can plug them into and they all seem to work in the other also after I've made into windows I fully updated to see if the problem was in a fix in an update both HP and windows have updaters and I've got all of them that where available for my computer still no fix.. for some reason all other USB devices work like my Keyboard/Mouse/Remote Censor/ USB headset so the ports work just not with the HD which used to work for around 2yr with no problems and I didn't do any hardware changes recently that would have caused problems and I also rebooted windows after I found out that it was usb problems with nothing in them so see if it prevent a driver install with the USB or something but still had no luck

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did you check device manager to see if any errors show in usb controller section .
right click on mycomputer /properties /hardware /device manager .

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