i need to fdisk my comp right now (im on a different comp posting this)the problem is that i cant get my comop to start up with windows and i cant reboot it either but i can get to the bios and stuff if theres a way to fdisk my comp from there PLZPLZ PLZ tell me!!!

Basically, you want to reformat your computer, right? What version of Windows is this?

The Windows 98 SE cd is bootable, I dont know if that is the version you are using, but you can drop to a dos prompt if you "Start with cd-rom support" run fdisk, delete the old partition, write the partition table, exit reboot, and then start the windows 98 setup from the cd. This will create a new partition and format it.

You can do this with most versions of windows.

As jibtronic said, to "start with cd-rom support" go into your BIOS setup and set the boot order to read from the CD before it reads from the hard disk.

TY TY TY ok im on my comp agin WITHOUT ALL OF THE ERROR MSGS IN THE BEGINING and its runnin like never b4...btw i have 98 SE