Which of the following CPU results in the better performance overall, and in future games:

1. Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4ghz, quad core)
2. Core 2 Duo 45nm E8400 Wolfdale (3.0ghz, dual core)
3. AMD phenom 9900 (??Ghz, quad core)
4. AMD AM2 FX-74 Windsor

Please list which one is better, benchmarks if applicable, and why you think it is better!!!

Thank you!!

i would go for the 1st one amd quad cores are good but quite new to the market and cannot match intel for both cost and speed, if you can afford a quad core i would spend your money on the best you can buy and also overclocking them is easy and can produce a very fast system. Just make sure you sort your coolin out!!

yeah, i wish i could get the extreme, but i can barely afford the q6600. i think i will wait until the money permits!!

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