Hello my name is Nikkole.

I just got a new labtop couple months ago everything was running good. I got cable internet and hooked it up but with one issue.

My wireless does not work now :)

And, I can't work on any projects in high school that I need to do on the internet.

Someone help me and I have some other issues with my labtop...


HI Nikkole,

Welcome to dani web. Just a few things i need to know to help you with your problem. When you are trying to connect to your high school network does your laptop see the wireless network but not let you connect or does your laptop not even see that thier is a wireless network avilble??

It does not even show up, even at the corner of my computer the light does not show. But the button is on I got VAIO labtop so...

can your laptop find other wireles networks? Please also go into device manager click on my comuter, then system properites then device manager then expand network adaptors look for the one with wireless then right click and properties then select the driver tab and can you please give me the driver provider date and version.

No, and umm...its Intel is the provider and 2/25/ 2007 is the date.

hi thats great it seems like a driver or hardware issue to me. If your laptop cant find other wireless networks then it must be one of the two above things.

Can you please let me know your laptop make and model and also if you go back into device mange and right click on the wireless devie is thier and option to roll back the driver? Also are their any windows updates (either optional or vital) that you havent installed??