recently, when doing a web search, the links aren't working....mostly from advertisers...i can move the cursor over them, and the "little hand" shows, but when I click on them, nothing happens....I'm running Windows XP and have installed service pack 2.....any ideas??


I just just curious, is this just for "Ad's" or all links period and after you installed SP 2, or did you have it for awhile and just started to develop?

Anyways, if it's just ads is might be the cause of a pop up blocker that you have installed on your computer. That would be my suggestion in that recard, and there is a lot of applications that are "Silently run" to block that.


mostly it's for the "sponsored links"...I use google, and these would be in a column to the right of the page.....also a couple at the top of the page....the links work for the actual results of the search....I installed SP2 about 3 weeks ago, but this didn't seem to happen until about a week ago....any thoughts??

1. Goto the command prompt and then do netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
2. If that does not work then do a system restore to a back date