I have a laptop with windows Vista and my problem is when I go online and try to listen a radio live or watch a video (for example a television website to watch news) the windows media player is asking to download the Windows Media Audio Codec.
If I do it, it start download but always get an error and stop.
The error is always about a file of the program whihc cannot be installed.
The file is a different one everytime I try to install the Windows Media Audio Codec.

How can I listen radio (for example:www.radiofrance.fr/chaines/fip/endirect/) or watch video then?
I use also a PC with windows Xp and there is no problem to listen or watch video.

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I am still desperate to find a solution for my problem of windows media player.
If anybody can help me find the solution I would be so happy!



I have actually tried but did not work!
Any other ideas why I have this problem?
I am thinking of restoring the laptop as it was when I get it, maybe it work. I am just worry that I might lose some of my files although someone from Vaio Sony told me that if I restore it, it won't affect files I put in.

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