Someone made modifications to one of the pcs in our office. Some keyboard keys don't do behave properly from command prompt. Keyboard does work fine otherwise. For example: Doskey commands on the command prompt, such as, up and down arrows do *not* advance through history of commands. Escape doesn't clear the screen. CD command will not change directory to directories that have hyphens or underscores in the names. The cd command, however, will work if the directory name is 8 characters or less and does not contain hyphens or underscores.

Here is what I've tried to date:

  1. autoexec.nt and config.nt files are exactly the same as the one on my pc which is working as I want it to.
  2. restore defaults (right click command title bar)
  3. DOSKEY.EXE is in the c:\windows\system32 folder.
  4. The system path is set so that system32 is in the path.
  5. doskey \reinstall. And
  6. doskey macro reveilled nothing (no macros were listed)


Look for:

- Viruses

- Software someone downloaded (may be taking over keyboard commands)

- A pop-up organizer (such as Sidekick)

- A different keyboard (programmable?)

- Extra files with the names of system files.