Os XP. About a week ago I had about 30% resourse left on 20g c drive of a older computer. and downloaded about 40 pics and I downloaded adobe acrobat reader 8. I checked my resource and and I was very low down to 150mb and was getting alerts. I deleted about the same amount of pics as downloaded and checked again and I was still about the same, resourse keeps going down not up when I delete stuff. I checked virus spyware and all clear. How am I using that much resourse?

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Do you have microsoft Office on your PC??? I had a similair problem and it turned out that my office setup files were still on my PC??? Once i deleted them, my computer was resources were higher


You could download and use a program called Windows Directory Statistics. http://windirstat.info/ This takes a while to fully run on larger drives but it'll show you in graphical format what directories and files are taking the most space. It's a free download from a sourceforge mirror. :-)

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