It has lost a file what is internet.exe in my win2K system.
My anti-virus scaned my computer yesterday.It found some virus and killed them. But when I restarted my computer,it show that the system can't find
c:\winnt\internet.exe.So I wanted to look for the one from google ,but could't get the file. I haven't any idea that I can solve this issur.
Please anybody help me.Thank you in advance.

It is part of a piece of adware called smart search That is not something you want on your computer. Your antivirus program must have recognized that this was a bad program and removed it but did not remove the registry entries that told Windows to load it upon startup. Your best bet is to go in to the registry and remove that entry, not to bring back that file.

I will try to remove the registry entry in the evening.I hope I can remove the one.
Thank Zwheel!

I went to the url that you give me just now.I dowloaded scan and remover's soft,but did't work.Them I looked for the internet.exe from registry entry and delete the one.
At last my problem is solved.