I have recently noticed that my windows update icon is in the system tray and when i click it does nothing. It shows that it is 0% downloaded. It does not go away when i restart the computer either. I try to keep up with the security updates because the security forum says its a good idea. With the help of this web site I am trying to learn how to keep my computer clean of viruses and other adware stuff. I recently downloaded PERL for a class that I am taking. I have zone alarm, and pop-up stopper. I also have noticed alot of programs on the list in zone alarm that were not there. THey are restricted to acess the internet but I don't really know what they are and where they cam from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have: Windows XP Professional 2002
Compaq 1200 Laptop. 2001

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If the automatic update is not working you can try manually downloading the files you need from Microsoft Downloads . Also check in your firewalls that you do not have the automatic update service blocked from acessing the internet.

You can also try going into internet options in control panel, Then connections, then LAN Settings, see if Automatically Detect Settings is checked..... if it is, uncheck it.

Hope this Helps !!!

Don't Forget To Restart Your Browser!!

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