Available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=b0c7136d-5ebb-413b-89c9-cb3d06d12674&DisplayLang=en
And also through Windows Update (although I checked on my Vista machine before coming to work and got nothing).

So are there any improvements that you have noticed? Any new notable features?

been waiting for SP1 for sometime! hopefully it will improve some game performance issues I have been having!

hmm sp1 is not yet available via windows update - I wonder why that is



maybe it just hasn't been deployed yet. If you can, wait until tomorrow before doing anything about it. If not, just get the sp1 from the link i posted (it works, as tested by me).

I'm personally hoping that it fixes this stupid bug in Media Center that stops me from watching HBO and brings performance gains. Otherwise, I could not care less.

lol I tend to avoid the media center myself, I dont particularly like it - i just use itunes or vlc

I love Media Center! I've got a tuner card; Media Center makes a lot more sense with one.

Well it works on WIndows Update. I installed. No performance gains noticed so far...but HBO NOW WORKS!

Just installed it myself; after 50 minutes and 4 restarts. Too soon to tell if there's any performance improvements but the System control panel now reports the 4 GB ram I have installed. (even though only 3.25GB is actually 'available' as reported by the System Information tool)

it is available on windows update unless it detects that your pc has problem drivers

took about 1.5h on my lenovo thinkpad

seems to make it generally faster, especially booting, file operations
and seems to fix/make faster a lot of driver issues
networking seems to be improved too

a 32 bit copy of windows cant use over 3.2gb anyway, and running apps can only (on a default config) use up to 2gb of that

only problem was it broke WMDC (for PDAs) and my sound drivers needed reinstalling

hmmm I have tried to check for new updates on win update but it says "no new updates" odd? any ideas?

if you have drivers which are known to cause problems with SP1, it will not be shown. Update your drivers or wait and see if MS releases a fixed one.

ok JBennet thanks a lot, will probably just wait- I am considering reverting back to XP anyway

a 32 bit copy of windows cant use over 3.2gb anyway, and running apps can only (on a default config) use up to 2gb of that

Yes I am aware of the 32bit limitations. That was a poor attempt at humour on my part about the 'cosmetic' fix.

Windows Update on my system also did NOT pick up on the availability of SP1 so I downloaded directly from Microsft Downloads. I think it checks for incompatible drivers during the install but I'm not 100% sure.


i was involved in the beta/rc testing

on those machines that had the driver issues, they were usually rendeered tyotally unbootable, hence the block

In my case, Windows update offered a driver update under "optional updates" before offering the new service pack.

Just thought I'd share that.

After reading all the posts, I still don't understand why you all are having such a tough time downloading and installing sp1. it took me about 15min to get it and bout 20min and 1 restart to install? Are you all having driver problems? My pc said that my display driver needed to be updated but it didn't tell me until after i got sp1? Which I didn't really understand that at all!

no, ms block the update for people with blacklisted drivers

SP1 made my vista a lot faster now. I am still checking out what imporvements this has made to my system.

no, ms block the update for people with blacklisted drivers

Any idea if there's a way to tell what the blacklisted drivers are? Here I was excited to update it :(

Bah, foiled by the fingerprint reader. Thanks for the link :)