good day ppl.

I got problem with my Internet Explorer(IE)-already updated the new version, but still the problem is coming. My default page is re-directing to and X site, even I change it and when I open again(My IE), it will change again, which annoy me very much..please help.

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I would look at too things depending on how deep you want to get in to your PC.

1. download Ad-aware from LAvasoft.com

this will help and could fix the problem for you.

If it doesnt. The other is alot more risky because it involves regedit you want to search throught the registry for a portion of the url with the least abount of symbols. I would toss the main portion of the search for the Regeditor, then rememove any entried you find and try again.

This goes on and on but try these steps first.


you could also look in add/remove programs for a strange program that you know you didn't put on your computer .


i have found that adaware is great but it doesn't always pick up everything..

run spybot because that is great at getting stuff that adaware misses, including host redirects which is what you have if it is telling your browser a new homepage.. spybot picks those up and then you can delete it just like that.. :)

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