hi, I was wondering what im doing wrong,

I want to make a folder on a portable hdd private (western Digital model WD1600D036)
I have reformatted it to NTSF.
But the tick box is still greyed out,

Any ideas??

you have to turn off simple file sharing, open my computer, click on tools folder option then the view tab, the in the advance section scroll down and lok for simple file sharing recommended, remove the check mark click ok.

open my computer>tools>folder options>view>look for simple file sharing recommended??? if so cannot find it only thing i found was display simple file view, not sharing :S

See the image i upload to assist you. if you don't see that option then some thing is seriously wrong with you PC

ahh i see, forgot to say im using xphome, that option doesn't show up on home :(

do you have NTFS or fat32 file system, right click the hard drive choose properties and look at the drive type. if you have ntfs we can go on to get your folder to be private

When I bought the portable hard drive it was fat32, but I formatted it to NTFS.

hmm cant see my last post :S

well here goes again lol

I bought the portable hdd it was fat32, I then formatted it to NTSF

Ignore this I see it now :D

ok but in Windows XP Home you can't make a folder private unless the foler is under you profile and the account have a password

ahh ok, I dont use a password to log into my pc,

also, the external hard drive isnt under any profile

ahh ok, I dont use a password to log into my pc,

also, the external hard drive isnt under any profile

when its plugged in it would show under all profiles , profile .
how many users setup on your computer ,you could use 3rd party software to do so .

Only 2, i will check to make sure that there isnt any others which arnt used tonight, but yea a third party might be the only way to go.

yu will NOT be able to lok the external drive unless you use some 3rd party software. an external drive is like putting in a flash drive any one will have access to it when they are logged on. Google for a program to lock you folders

ok thanks

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