i have this problem ....
when i start windown and power on the computer starts up goes past the windows startup and then a black screen before an eggtimer appears and stays there.

I have to manually switch off and restart - lst time i did this it took 6 times before i got to my log on screen

what can i do...


Have you searched the similar posts on this forum?

Apart from that, you should boot in Safe Mode. If you can do that regularly without problems, then there's something happening at normal startup that needs diagnosis in Safe Mode; like what's being loaded etc.

So try that and report.

i know i sound really thick but what do i do then.

i started up in safe mode and did a few things but could not get on internet.

sorry for being dim - :$

Did you start in "Safe Mode with Networking"? Then if everything's connected properly Internet Explorer should get you to the web.

You'll now need to report fairly precisely what goes wrong. Current information is too general.