Can anyone tell me where can I found the bootable files for installing windows xp professional (without service pack) as a standalone os?

all I have is a boot disk for windows 98 second edition. so the problem arises when i try to install winxp pro. before installing it i have to install win98 se otheriwse i can't install win xp.

if somebody can post any link here that would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance......

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my bios supports booting from cd/dvd drives. but my windows xp professional cd is not bootable. it only contains installable files not the startup files.

thanks for the link you provided. but i already have these six files downloaded from some other site. but i haven't created the setup disks yet. can there be an option available that instead of using the FDDS i can create a setup disk using a cd or dvd? i mean can an ISO file for setup disks be possible to get?


i think if you have burner and Nero you could create bootable disk using the file on the 6 floppys ,but i could be wrong ,maybe something for me to try today and see .


hello caperjack i have also tried the step you said a long days ago. but i'm very sorry to say it didn't work. the burning was completed successfully but when i was trying to boot my pc from that disk it hadn't responded at all.

thanks any way for the replies you made.

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