I have installed Windows XP operating system. I have installed directX latest version and
K-Lite Mega Codec 3.85 latest version. But all format movie files(avi,vob,mpeg,wmv,........) are playing in black and white mode and no colour is being displayed. But audio and video are functioning properly.

I have insatlled nVidea Ge-Force graphics card. My OS is working properly in colour mode(32-bit) with no problem. Clearly there is no hardware problem in my PC.

All the players including Media player,VLC player, PowerDVD,Nero Showtime Player display the movie files in black & white. I don't know what is the problem.

Can you help me to please in order to play all the movie files in colour mode.

Thank you...

Try reinstalling Codec pack and use default settings.

It could also be a changes on your nvidia settings.