i just finished building a new PC.
AMD 4200+
A8N-SLI Deluxe
1GB RAM (512x2)
ATI x850XT

ive seen issues like this on this forum, but i think it may be a hardware issue with mine. everytime i go to load XP it restarts on the loading screen. I CAN get into safe mode tho....so i am unsure what the problem is, ive been lookin all over the net for help. thanks.

Start in safe mode ..

Right click my computer .. go to properties -- advanced -- select startup and recovery settings -- uncheck automatically restart.

Restart in normal mode ... if there is a blue screen of death then let us know the error code its displaying ...

i did that, and when i go to load xp it till restarts....I have no idea what teh problem could be. hardware maybe?

I've had that problem before, just re-install OVERTOP of your current WinXP installation. Somewhere, a file wasn't written to, or something wasn't copied over right....so just stick the install CD in, and re-install.

like delete the partition and install? or just install over the same partition that xp is already on? cuz ive already tried deleting the partition and reinstalling and that didnt work...so idk.

Just install over the same partition that XP is already on. If that doesn't work, *shrug* I dunno...

I just had this problem over the last two days. I fixed it, but my computer is still a little shakey and I may post a thread requesting help in stabilizing it.

Anyway, did you have a HDD with XP on it before you upgraded? Did you transfer it from your old build to your new one? That's probably the problem. XP seems to only install the drivers it needs for running on the current setup when it was installed.
You will either have to repair XP, or do a fresh install. What I ended up doing was doing a fresh install and then trasferring over all of my personal documents into the new installation. Then I deleted the malfunctioning installation.
For me, it was a real b**** to set up.

From what I read, you may be able to repair it. If you insert the installer disk, and proceed as if you are installing a new XP installation, it may ask you if you want to repair the old one. Do that if you can.

ill give the install over the partition a try. the HD i tried installing it to is brand new, so there was nothing being transferred or anything. i wasnt trying to transfer an install either.

ill give the install over the partition a try. the HD i tried installing it to is brand new, so there was nothing being transferred or anything. i wasnt trying to transfer an install either.

Oh, so you installed it AFTER you built your computer?

yeah after i built it. it was a fresh HDD. btw i tried installing over the already existing partition that didnt work...so i got no clue what to do here.

Delete the Windows partition you currently have, if you haven't already, and format/reinstall from scratch. Be careful not to just reinstall over the existing partition because all that does is reinstall the Windows OS files - a rogue service/driver will still get loaded using this approach.

After that if you still can't boot normally:

1. Get into Setup in the BIOS and set it back to factory defaults; then look for anything mentioning "power management" or ACPI/DAC Snoop and disable it and reboot and see if it works.
2. Remove all hardware except the HD, video card and one stick of RAM and see if you can boot it then. If yes, then start adding hardware back until you find the culprit.
3. If still rebooting with just those pieces of hardware then go into Safe Mode and update the video driver - I think you can tell it not to load the advanced driver in Normal mode from Safe Mode...in essence load the VGA mode driver in Normal mode like it does in Safe Mode. Safe Mode loads a lame-o VGA video driver so if it's still rebooting after taking off all the other hardware but you can get into Safe Mode it's probably because of the SVGA driver that gets loaded when doing a normal, non-Safe Mode, boot.

ok well how do i get the VGA driver to load in normal mode? cuz my safe mode does work after all of that.

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