pc has slowed right down recently sometimes taking at least a minute to load a page up, i have a 2meg connection speed and am running xp, any ideas please?

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Hi there, are you using any peer 2 peer (file sharing) software, as these programs can really clog up a connection.
Maybe your ISP is performing maintenance on the line - how long has the connection been slow?
Try running a virus scan (Use AVG Free) and a spyware scan (Use Ad Aware SE personal - there is a free version) I suggest you google those two tools and download them, the installers are small files. Hope this helps!

An other reason could be that all your PC is slow, therefore also the browser. It controls the processes that you have in execution to the start of the windows. Normally with antivirus and processes of windows you must not have more than 24-25 active processes. Then it empties cache and the temp of yours browser.
it controls also that you do not have a dialer installed.

thanks guys, after much deliberation i have decided to do a complete wipe using webroot hdd eraser and start over, gone for the 35 pass method and it will only take 13244 hours lol...............yes thATS ABOUT 18MONTHS

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