When i press the @ sign i get " and when i press " i get @ also other keys on my keyboard are mixed up.:sad: I have installed xp pro several times recently and the first time i did i got the on-screen keyboard up to try and change these mixed up letters and after pressing several keys simultaniously they seemed to fix the problem but after re-installing xp pro i tried pressing the same keys but forgot which keys to press so i still have the problem. Any help will be much appreciated

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you've got your keyboard set up as American, cant remmeber off hand how to change it but a quick gogle should give you an explaination

After taking your advice and searching google i found out that pressing alt + Shift toggles between american and english keyboard layout.

Thanks a lot.

i have same problem but i still have proble what can i do

i have same problem but i still have proble what can i do

Hi altaf919.

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