Last night I got a new s video cable to hook my computer up to the tv so I can watch stuff from my computer on the tv. It worked ok, except on both the tv and the monitor have an extended screen now. not everything fits on the screen. The picture is bigger than either of my screens. I must scroll in order to see things on the opposite end. I tried changing the settings on my computer monitor and that didnt help. I also tried changing the settings in my cp under the display options.
My computer monitor is 17" flat screen. my tv is 34" widescreen and is also flat. what needs to be adjusted here?

That's because NTSC composite TV is limited in how much it can display at one time.

512 pixels vertical
424 pixels horizontal (848 if color is not used).

The video card MUST change to NTSC scan frequencies for the S-video output to make sense to your TV. Only HDTV sets can make sense of higher resolutions.

This effectively puts you in an original IBM CGA (color graphics adaptor) compatible display mode (which is the only display compatible with color TV). The card can add more colors than CGA had, but it can't add any resolution, because the color TV system doesn't have the resolution to be able to use it. The CGA mode uses all of the resolution a standard TV has.

this is overcome by switching from extended screen modet to twinview or cloneview in nvidia. no idea about ATI - I don't use them

my tv is HD. I got it to work. I fixed it to the correct resolution.

Wow! HDTV is actually useful for something.

I thought it was just a government ploy to make everyone buy a new TV.