hi, i have recently purchased and assemblied a diy computer. The problem is that it won't boot. the hard disk i am using is the same one i am using now, so i know it works, problem with hard drive controllers? the problem is i know next to nothing about them and i don't know what to do about this problem. also i have tried installing ubuntu on the new hard disk on the new computer and suddenly the screen displays " Cannot display video mode", ive googled this and apparently its the refresh rate and its something to do with Xorg.conf but how the hell do i get into the text file? many thanks for the help im about to receive.

windows is designed not to work if it is put on another computer (to stop piracy) - you need to reinstall

to edit xorg.conf:

hold down control + alt and hit f2 (liken you do as if you were doing control alt delete)

you will get to a command prompt. you might need to login

ok thanks, i will try next time i reboot.

at the prompt you can either edit the text file or use the wizard.

to use the wizard try

sudo dpkg --reconfgure xserver-xorg

when i said i wanted to edit xorg.conf i meant edit it on a new hard disk which has been formatted but has no OS, does this affect what i should do?

pressing ctrl + alt + F" does nothing wat should i do?