At the end of last summer i Rebuilt my comp. I started off by just buying a new video card (ATI Radeon x700 series 256mb AGP card). I then decided to go all out and replace everything. I bought a new case with a power suply, (don't recall the name, but my friend has the same one) a new mobo and processor (ECS P4M800pro v2 with a Intel core2 duo processor). I bought a stick of 1g ram (dunno the brand) and a Maxtor 7l300pro 300gig harddrive. I bought a new Memorex 16x duallayer internal cdburner, and am using the old cd-rom drive and floppy drive that came with my comp originally b4 the rebuild. I have updated all the drivers for everything.
Now when i first rebuilt the comp, it started crashing while i was playing WoW. i initially figured it was an over heating issue, so i cracked open the side of the case while i played and the problem subsided. But recently, after about 4 months of it runnign smoothly, the crashes have started happening again. My first conclusion was that it was seasonal, with the weather being cooler during the time it wasn't crashing. Thinking it was an overheating issue i bought a new Heatsink for my Processor, a new VGA cooler, a pci slot exhaust fan, and some artic silver thermal. However, this hasn't solved the problem. I do not know how to tell the temperature of my comp, but i can say that the air blowing out of it onto my feet has been cooler. I have semi concluded that it isn't an overheating issue.
My next thought is that it is a power issue, so i unplugged some of the unnecceary fans that were blocked by objects in the case and weren't creating much airflow. This however didn't solve the problem.
I am now at a loss for ideas as to what it may be. My friend suggested that it may be a hard drive issue, because he had a similar problem and was told by the person that fixed it that it was a hard drive problem. However, i am not sure i have the same problem as my friend, i do not know what kind of hard drive issue it was in his case, and i do not want to lose the files on my hard drive. so that is my last case scenario.
My computer crashes 2 ways. Way one is a blue screen of death that doesn't say anything, no writing, just blue. THe other way it crashes is it just restarts instantly (ill b e in game, and then ill be looking at the boot up screen for my processor and hard drive.).

i have read this thread, but i am not sure we have the same problem and i am not sure if anything worked for him.

If anyone can give me any advice it would be appreciated. thanks for reading this.

What make is your PUS and what is its wattage?

Generally cases that come with a PSU don't provide the best PSUs, you PSU may not be adequate for your needs.

I you want to read you temperatures download Everest Home Edition, it's free and will show you your temperatures and voltages. When you open it click on computer, then sensor.