I am looking at buying a computer,but I have no idea what all the stuff means,so I was hopeing some off you could tell me if it is good or not

IBM 6794-DE2-JJMF34_10 NET VISTA-P4 2.0GHz/256KB
512 MB,40 GB,1.44, 16X DVD,10/100,nVIDE

Any suggestions or comments would be really great
Thanks Alex

well it is a computer with a pentium 4 processor with a speed of 2 gigahertz. It has 512 megabytes of ram. A 40 gigabyte harddrive for storage of files and programs. It comes with a 1.44" floppy drive. A DVD drive. It has an ethernet port 10/100. And I am assuming that nVIDE is an nVIDIA graphics card.

Is all that good?It really means nuttin to me...lol


This is your basic modern computer. Good for word processing, internet, some games, that sort of thing. It will run Windows and Linux no problem. Ethernet card will let youwire into a cable modem or DSL line if you wish. DVD Rom will let you access DVD disks. Unknown if you have the decoder to play DVD movies or not.


Is all that good?It really means nuttin to me...lol

It's all 'good' as long as you aren't planning on doing some extreme gaming or anything.

The only way to know if this is a good price would be to check comparable systems in your area, or online where Canadian currency is used.

If you're planning on using a dial-up connection, you may need to install a modem as there is no mention of one in the specs you listed.

A CD burner would be a good upgrade to this if you can afford it and there is an available bay to put it in.

If you start saving a lot of large files (like videos), you may need either an additional hard drive or a bigger one eventually.

Like the other guys have said, that's your "average" computer these days. It's great for everything that's been mentioned. Not only that, but it's good for light 3d gaming, too.

It's one thing to post specs of a system and say, "Is this good?". That's a relative term-- good compared to what? It's not good compared to a Dual Xeon workstation with 4GB of ram, but it screams compared to a 486. What you really need to do is post the specs of a system, post what you want to do with a computer, and then say "Is this good for what I want to do?"

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