I want to transfer some files from my desktop (Windows XP) to my lap top (Windows 98SE). I have the correct cable (Null modem) but I am hitting a problem. When I set up a network connection for COM1 on my desktop, I can connect to my desktop from the laptop (using the Direct Cable Connection option), but when I run the File and Settings Transfer Wizard on the desktop, when I get to the part where is asks how I want to transfer the files, the option to use a cable is greyed out. If I delete the network connection I have created and run the wizard, the cable option is then available, but neither PC can connect to the other. Is this an issue because I am using two different OS ? I want to set this up and use it regulary, I do not want to save to floppy or CD.

Any thoughts ?

The Files and settings transfer wizard is not designed for the purpose you're trying to put it to.

It's for transferring your settings and data to a different computer you intend to use Windows XP on, and which you intend to use as a replacement system.

You'll find a very good guide to setting up and using DCC at the link I've provided in this article:


Thanks. that link is really useful. Got my PC's talking, but now the Infrared on my Laptop does not seem to work. :sad: IT says is it working properly in device manager, but shows as disabled on the task bar and in the infra red monitor it says Error 45 and that my infra red software has encountered an internal error. I think it is time to give up.

Sorted now. I just disabled the infra red, rebooted, enabled it, rebooted and it now works

Good to hear, Suze, and thanks for letting us know the issues have been resolved.

Hi i have a similer problem.

My laptop and pc are communicationg via a serial IR and the onboard IR on my laptop.

When i try to send files i get the following error

"File was not sent because and error occured while wireless link was sending file data to the other machine.
The data is invalid"

Help please as i'm getting very frustrated.



PS does anyone know a good website that can explain the Direct Cable Connection (using Null Modem cable)