I have a new pc with windows vista and am unable to send emails, I can recieve them ok. I have contacted isp and they have checked everything and cant do anymore for me. I am running new pc with vista and another pc with xp professional through a D-Link 524 wireless router. Any ideas on what the problem might be would be great.

Thanks .

hi if your using outlook 2007 there;s an option there to check if you can connect to your mail server just go to options there's one button there its something like Test you mail account system.. or check out your e-mail configuration setup... make sure that everything is set correctly..

Yup, as cguan_77 suggests, SMTP is the outgoing mail server ..Make sure that your ISP's correct domain name is listed in the box labelled 'Outgoing mail server (SMTP).

It should be the same domain name as the incoming mail server (POP3).

Good Luck!

Sorry....for windows vista mail select tools/accounts, highlight your mail address then click 'properties' and select the 'servers' tab.....this should let you set your correct ISP mail server domains for SMTP (same as POP3) in the boxes provided.

Thanks for that. it turned out to be bull-guard anti-virus stopping it.

lmao......yeh! that'll do it too.

Glad you were able to nail the issue, nice work!

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