Hey guys, I could use some help/advice with helping me reinstall Windows XP.

The story goes that I had a computer running XP on two SATA hard drives on some slightly older hardware (ASUS A8V Dlx, AMD64 3800+), worked great until my power supply short-circuited and fried my motherboard as well. Given the components I had to replace, I decided to re-order and re-assemble the core parts of the computer: Intel Motherboard DG33BU, Intel Core2 Duo 2.66GHZ 4MB (E6750), 2x1GB DDR2 sticks.

Got the parts today, started to put them together, work great except I ran into a problem booting Windows XP from the SATA HDD. Upon loading Windows or while attempting to, it'd crash with a blue screen of death. I figured that the old XP installation was configured to my old hardware setup and decided just to wipe (reformat) the old partition w/ the OS and start a clean installation. Ran into a few more problems:

1. Starting the installation for XP from the XP installation CD said it couldn't find my hard drives. Two solutions were proposed; either set the HDD configuration to IDE-emulation via BIOS or create a a slipstream version of the installation CD with the SATA drivers. I opted for setting it to IDE and it worked just fine.

2. After being able to enter setup, I successfully managed to reformat the partition and copy setup files; the step that runs off the CD. Upon restarting the computer to enter the Windows installation on the SATA HDD (the part with windows like UI, mouse pointer, etc) after a few minutes, when the progress bar says 'Installing Devices', it hits a stop screen (blue screen) with the error 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL'

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions for this problem? Anything would be much appreciated.