Hi everyone;
I'm new to Daniweb and i have a small problem that i need some help with.
The problem is that i can only open up 1 web page at a time. If i leave my current web page open and i try to open another, the new web page tries to open but comes up with an error or cant connect to this site. Has anyone had this problem before, and how do i fix this problem.

Thanks in advance


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Sounds like your getting end-to-end communications which a good sign, but are not able to manage multiple connections.

This should be an easy fix if you have a non-propriatary network.

First go into your Network Connections then Right Click on the device icon that access the internet you will notice that you have a menu window that pops up. Now look for the properties and click it. Doing this will bring up a window the "Local Area Connection Properties" window. In this window you should notice a QoS Packet Scheduler that should have a check box to its left. If this check box is un-checked, go ahead and place a check box in it. Save your settings by clicking "ok" or "apply" which ever one is their. For good measure, go ahead and re-boot your machine. Once your logged back in attempt to access the internet multiple times.

Good luck.

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