Thanks to Microsoft we have a whole line-up of Media Center Edition computers that are basicly Crippled version of the sony GigaPocket if you know what that is. Wow you can record wow this wow that... Microsoft is not being royal to its advanced users instead it goes for the money, the mass public. Just as what I expected. :cry:

If you do go out and buy a Media Center Edition computer be aware that it's made for very simple basic users. It records TV yes but in a DVR-MS file format which can't be read by anything, so it can't be edited or moved to other computers that can't read this special file type. Also the Media Center puts copy right flags on some of the TV programs you record and makes it impossible for you to do anything with them watch them. Just like I said, it's made for computer challenged people. The navigation is simple, you don't much of an option, can't control birghtness,contrast,type of file to be recorded to,can't control manual recording,etc. Basicly it's made for retards who loves over simplified computing. I am very disapointed at Microsoft, VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY DISAPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I bought a Media Center computer, I just can't I thought it'd like GIGA POCKET FROM SONY BUT IT AINT.

Tekmaven commented: Well, caps for 1/3 of your post make me want to deltree you. -7
christina>you commented: .. -4

Basicly it's made for retards!!!!
Nice choice of words ,you say you bought one .

Well I didn't know it'd be like this... At first I thought it was made for basic and advanced users but its not.

Right ,thanks for the heads up !

Yeah, seriously...

I'm just sorry to hear that you took such a financial hit, though. Way to be a martyr! ;)

Would it be possible to install another OS on the box though, like Windows XP, or (gasp!) Linux, even?

Windows Media Center 2004 Edition is built on Windows XP PRO so don't worry about OS but be sure to know that you won't be making full use of your computer if you have Media Center.

You guys don't give MS a fair shot. I rather it be easy, then have people call me up every twenty minutes asking how to record a show :-/.

And just so you know, there is a Windows update that allows you to play MCE recorded shows on any computer.

When I bought my first OS; Win 98 SE, it was already dated, but I was advised for DVD recording it would have the largest compatibility base...for my digital pic editing and other pic use on my PC, it is far too lowly I feel. Using Win ME and XP is more up my alley. I was looking and wondering about the M.C. versions of Windows while shopping. I felt if you bought a PC built for video and audio, among other PC traditionals, this was an advanced yet simplified way of doing it, but you point out it seems intended to fight Tivo type standalones in the marketplace...which is a waste of money, no doubt. Integration of TV and PC is great, and very likely the future, but dumbing down the computer when making the investment for the latest tech is an insult and slap in the face.

In the age of HDTV/EDTV, people need to learn digital audio and video, seems they adopted easily enough to iPods, cell phones and the like. I don't use those items, but have followed HDTV since it's death was suggested by Video magazine in December 1986!!


Maybe that's why they say - try before you buy!

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