If you're thinking of buying a copy of Ms Vista (especially Home Premium) then you should open the pack and check the disk while with the staff member that served you if possible.

As there have been quite a few recent instances of them containing Home Basic, Ms are aware of the problem but haven't yet come up with a solution.

Most retailers won't yet have a process in place for dealing with this so it's best to check it while still in the store.

Dazza :cool:

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Thanks for the info!
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You mean the key is a home basic key? But how would you check for that in store?

The reason I ask is because I thought the Vista disk lets you install any version so long as you have the right key.


I see, anyone have any good experiences with Vista SP1?

I've had no issues with it. It hasn't saved my life yet, but I've not had a reason for it to :P

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