Hello Everyone

This question may be posted elsewhere, but I'm new and need an answer if possible, like yesterday......

Am not getting visuals on any pictures I was able to see as recent as yesterday. I'm getting a little box with a red x in the middle.

What has happened? More importantly, how can I resolve this?

Thanks in advance!


you didn't explain what the problem is...
this is problem in programing language or in your operating system??
if this programing question post on software development section, but if this concerned with OS you can post your question on tech talk section.
Then u can choose what operating system in used. I guest u used Windows

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Can you give us some more details on your problem?

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more details and more on the lines of what kind of pictures are you opening? JGP? BMP? and where are the pictures? on the internet or your computer? whats your windows? xp or vista? what program are you using to open pictures if they are on the computer and any other details you can find or give us...