I have been trying to get Real VNC 4 to work with the lovely Vista.
I have managed to install it and get it up and running by changing a few settings here and their.
However the only way I could get it to run at start up without Windows defender freaking out was to add it as a scheduled task at start up.

Now this is where I am stuck. At start up it throws up a batch file to start the VNC service which does not close down when it has finished starting the service.
If I close the batch file manually it also closes the VNC service.

Any ideas how I can hide this batch file or even make it close down once it has loaded up correctly?
If thats not possible, can you tell me where to find the BAT file that the task scheduler has produced so I can amend the prompt to hide it?


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I had to run it as an aministrator and run vnc in user mode, think thats how I solved it!

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